Monday, 31 December 2012

Comic Con Documentary Review

We watched this to get us in the mood for Amecon, but to be fair Comic Con is a whole different scale, would definitely love to go one day! Comic Con seems to be actually more about film than comics but it looked so big that there was something for everyone. It's a feel good film for anyone who loves the geekier side of life, well worth checking out. I was really impressed by the jaw dropping animatronic Mass Effect cosplay by Holly Conrad, she's my new cosplay hero!
Comic Con Episode IV A Fan's Hope Poster

This the Grunt costume she made, he blinks and the jaw moves and I was just like woahhhhhhh. Kinda depressing though as I don't think I'll ever be able to make anything that awesome, seriously amazing stuff!

Here's Holly's documentary auction tape, which is great for those interested in how she pulled off that amazing costume. She's also got a website where you can see more amazing work, so happy she's gone on to do film work for the upcoming Mass Effect film.

Harry Potter Anime Style

Love this by artist Nakagawa Besu. I would actually love to see an anime version of Harry Potter after seeing this!

Harry Potter in Anime Version

Sunday, 30 December 2012

John Dies at the End - Film review

Just got a copy of the book of this for Christmas and had only read the first few chapters when we got the film to watch. It sticks to the book pretty closely which is pretty impressive. This is one warped and brilliant film, it's so random it's untrue. Weird drugs, monsters, alternate dimensions and psychic powers. A sort of Donnie Darko crossed with Clerks with a little Brain Dead for good measure. I loved it, this one is going to be a cult classic!

My Neighbour Totoro - Tororo Cosplay

This is my biggest project to date and was a big challenge as I had no idea how to do it. I had a lot of setbacks with using slightly the wrong materials and having to remake bits of the costume as I went along. I was really pleased with it in the end though!

Here's me in the Masquarade and Singing in the Omake (only trouble was I don't think anyone knew it was me actually singing, bah!). I had trouble seeing the steps in the Masquarade and I was wearing big fluffy slippers and was perilously close to starring in a hilarious video of Totoro rolling down the steps. Big thanks to Ronchan for making this video!

Check out the soot sprite shoes :D

Here's a reference shot for anyone who does not know this anime. My Neighbour Totoro is such a lovely film!

Gantz Green Onion Alien Cosplay

This is a costume I made for my hubby for Amecon 2008, it's a bit of an obscure one it's the Green Onion Alien from Gantz (reference pics at bottom of post). The hardest part of this costume was the grassy hair, I had to get the right texture wig and then cut and dye it using marker pens, nightmare!! Worked pretty well in the end though.

We had fun getting lunch lol!!

Here's some character reference shots from Gantz. It's one of the most weird, gory and odd anime ever! Worth a watch tho!

Saturday, 29 December 2012


I totally digged this movie when I was a kid and although it's a bit dated now (I would really love to see this remade) it's still a classic and I was chuffed to find the whole film streamed!! Still love the sound controlled weapons.

Real Life Assassin's Creed

Real Life Fruit Ninja

The Hobbit - Film Review

Finally got to watch the Hobbit in 3D last night! It was much better than I expected although I didn't really notice anything really impressive in the visuals after hearing so much about different frame rates and new film technology, I couldn't really tell any major difference. The CGI is incredible though and Gollum and the Goblin King are the best I've seen in that you really can't "tell" that they are totally computer generated. Although I did see the trailer on a Samsung smart TV in a shop and it looked incredible so I was a little disappointed that it didn't seem to make a difference on the big screen.  Loved how it referenced the Lord Of The Rings films and had the same cast, I had this nostalgic feeling watching it. Lots of detail in there that I expect I didn't spot so I'd love to watch it again soon.

Seriously though, I am gutted I didn't get given a pair of these bad boys to watch 3D in dwarven style!

Were going to Ayacon 2013

Tickets are booked and paid for so we are definitely going to Ayacon 2013 and I can't wait!! Ayacon is one of the biggest weekend long Japanese culture cons in the UK and apparently this is going to be the last one, boo! We've missed quite a few years of con going due to a new addition to our family, I may have to miss out on some of the evening partying due to said new addition but I will get to cosplay and enter the Omake and have loads of fun!! At the moment I have no real inspiration for a costume, I did say I wanted to do something that involved electrics, but can't think of anything. It's also hard to find a female character who is not totally obscure and not dressed in something revealing and skimpy. As someone who as the physique of a well fed hobbit these kind of costumes are probably best avoided unless I want to be the star on Failblog or Poorly Dressed. However this also means that I have think a bit more creatively and this is no bad thing I suppose. If it sounds like your kind of thing check out the website

The Best Of 2012

So here we are at the end of another year already, here is my list of the things that have rocked my world and kept me sane in 2012.

Game Of Thrones
I'm so in love with this series and can't quite believe that a fantasy show managed to get the funding to pull it off in such style. Superb complex plot and brilliant characters absolutely love it! Can't wait for the next season in 2012.

The Boys
I'm still actually waiting to read the last part of this superb series of 12 graphic novels, I bought the last part for hubby for Christmas and need to wait for him to finish it before I can steal it. Dark, superhero led plot that is somewhere along the lines of the Watchmen. Fast paced, great characters and keeps you guessing. I've heard rumours of a film...they better not mess this one up!

My favourite new band this year, darkly delicious prog metal.... absolute musical chocolate! Also got to meet them after a gig and they were nice blokes too.


The Avengers 
Hard not to love this film but didn't expect to love the bad guy so much lol!!

This is such a funny series and a very British take on the superhero genre. I was a bit sceptical when they killed off my favourite character last season and replaced him with Rudy, but it's still as good as ever!

Devin Townsend Epicloud

Another amazing album from Devin! I love the over the top epic sound and positive vibe on this album, needs to be played at top volume for best effect tho!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

My Christmas Card

And this folks, is why I married my husband, only he would make me a card this random :D