Saturday, 29 December 2012

Were going to Ayacon 2013

Tickets are booked and paid for so we are definitely going to Ayacon 2013 and I can't wait!! Ayacon is one of the biggest weekend long Japanese culture cons in the UK and apparently this is going to be the last one, boo! We've missed quite a few years of con going due to a new addition to our family, I may have to miss out on some of the evening partying due to said new addition but I will get to cosplay and enter the Omake and have loads of fun!! At the moment I have no real inspiration for a costume, I did say I wanted to do something that involved electrics, but can't think of anything. It's also hard to find a female character who is not totally obscure and not dressed in something revealing and skimpy. As someone who as the physique of a well fed hobbit these kind of costumes are probably best avoided unless I want to be the star on Failblog or Poorly Dressed. However this also means that I have think a bit more creatively and this is no bad thing I suppose. If it sounds like your kind of thing check out the website