Wednesday, 30 December 2009

My cosplay is in a book :D

I was so pleased to get my picture take in my Excaliber costume and even more pleased to find that it was published in the Cosplay Fever Red book! Chuffed!! Excaliber is the most annoying character from the anime series Soul Eater. It was pretty funny to wear on the day as people were like "arghhhh you are so awful".

For those of you not familiar with Soul Eater here's a picture of Excaliber.

The book is available on Amazon, Cosplay Fever Red by Rob Dunlop and features loads of amazing cosplay from some very talented people. You can also check out more shots on their Deviant Art Page.

This is a shot from the masquarade with my friends - we all did Soul Eater costumes :D

We also did a performance in the Omake, I sang and had to stick the microphone inside the mask lol!! My very talented friend Lisa did a brilliant Poi performance, great fun!