Friday, 13 December 2013

The Dark Crystal Directors Cut!

This fantastic version is actually the first directors cut....definitely much darker than the final release. There is no narrator and the Skecksis say hardly anything in English at all. Audiences did not respond well to this test cut so they redubbed the whole film! Some things make more sense in this why Jen can't work out what he's got to's not so clear for him in this version, which is why it makes sense when he figures it out with Augra later on. With the original I was always like...the dude told you that in the first place! The Skecksis are properly scary in this version too!
One of the people on that first test showing has meticulously restored the original footage over 2 years, well worth a watch!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Dreadlock tutorial

I used to have the most beautiful waist length dreadlocks but as I decided enough poverty was enough they had to go so I could start a new career (yes it sucks but people are prejudiced towards them) Lately I've been really missing them, especially as I still do other people's beautiful dreads, so jealous! Can't have full time ones so have been working on a way to have dread extensions that are easily removable.

So first thing first it to get your hair, I'd recommend a 3/4 wig, this must be a perfect match for your hair colour, I got mine from ebay for about £15, a proper bargain as it was the perfect colour! This one is made from Kankelon fibre which is really realistic. Human hair would be even better!  If I crack this one I'm going to invest in one next time. The 3/4 style leaves your fringe out which you blend back over the join. (there are loads of youtube tutorials on how to put them in).

Then you start to dreadlock, they key here is to properly dreadlock it, the same as you would real hair. Take a neat one inch section and back comb it evenly.

Ok, this is the tricky bit, get a 1mm crochet hook and work on pulling all the loose bit inside the dreadlock. I use a modified basic crochet stitch, mixed with just sticking it through and pulling any loose hairs back inside.  I can do this super fast as I've been doing this for so long but it still takes about 15 mins per dreadlock, this is a time consuming process! A full head of dreadlocks takes at least 8 hours. 

After a bit you get a nice tidy dreadlock that is tightly dreadlocked and will not go anywhere. You can also give them a bit of a roll between your hands to smooth them out. 

I deliberately left some short bits of the wig out, because real dreads won't keep short bit in the dreads and they pop out and look messy, annoying but it looks very realistic. 

Here's the finished result! They look just the same as my real dreads did! I've not finished the ends yet as I'm not sure whether to have them loose like this or whether to have stubby ends. Gonna wear them a while and then decide. I'm also going to be modifying the inside with some extra clips to ensure these don't go flying off if I wear these onstage (I'm joining a band yippee!)

Friday, 18 October 2013

Steve Wilson Gig Review

So last night got to go and see the brilliant Steve Wilson live in the Wolverhampton Civic. After gorging ourselves on Wetherspoon's finest cuisine we hauled our huge bellies to the gig, luckily for us it was a seated gig! Lots of visual effects during the show, really liked that they put a see through curtain in front of the stage and projected video onto it. I have to say as I'm fairly new to Steve Wilson I've only really listened to the last album so quite a lot of it was over my head, 15 minute full on prog stuff. They did play Drive On and The Raven that Refused to Sing so I was a happy customer! It definitely sounded much "bigger" and more rock live than it does on the album. Here are some pics from the gig.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Exist Immortal - new band discovery!

Just discovered this awesome new London based tech/djent metal band, not heard anything else they have done but this track is really great!

Monday, 14 October 2013


Michael Bay managed to totally ruin Transformers in the most impressive way possible. Killing them along with my dreams that it would be made into an epic film. How dare he make Optimus Prime say "my bad" I mean what disrespect! It's goddam Optimus! He's not some goofus! I also cannot forgive what he did to Bumblebee, it just was not right I tell you. Never mind that he took an incredible plot about robots from another world and the ultimate battle between good and evil and somehow turned it into a film about a dorky American boy and his unfeasably attractive girlfriend *sigh*.

I'm such a fan of the original film, which remains after all this time, absolutely brilliant! Ba Weep Gra Na Weep Ninnibon people! There is a Transformers Remastered Blu Ray version out, which I'd love to see but it's more than £30 *cough cough*

The music is still kick ass, you know thinking about it, this was probably the first time I ever heard metal,back in 1986 when I was about  8 years old.  I owe this film a lot lol! The voice acting is still superb too! I'm still totally in love with Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime (and no not just because of the cheeky name lol) :D

Here's the full version of the film on youtube for you! But you can get the DVD for £4 ish including postage on Amazon - Transformers The Movie .

If Mr Bay had done things properly we could have been looking at scenes like this. Woah. Damn you Bay!

Optical Illusion Video

Woah, this one is actually good! Watch on full screen and follow the instructions for some trippy visual effects!

Top 10 Budget Costumes!

Need a costume but on a budget? Here are some creative and hilarious ideas! No excuses folks!

1. Your Facebook Page

2. Black and white film - best with a group

Halloween Costume: Black & White characters using grayscale makeup. CANNOT say how much I love this idea!

3. Minecraft - out of cardboard

Steve from Minecraft - 2012 Halloween Costume Contest

4. A magazine cover


5. A Youtube video

6, You could do this with any South Park Character - or actually any animated character.

Terrence & Phillip

7. A cereal killer

The Cereal Killer…

8. Girls World Head


9. Heeere's Johnny

Epic Halloween Costume - Win Picture

10. Finally my personal favourite - this costume has been spotted at many a festival in one form or another - the traditional beer viking!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ikea or Death

After our recent dramatic wardrobe collapse, I needed to procure a new place to store clothing. This meant, god forbid, a trip to the dreaded Ikea to fetch a cheap wardrobe. On the plus side we did get to gorge ourselves on Swedish meatballs but on the down side we actually had to shop. I hate shopping at the best of times and Ikea is the king of pissing me off. Inevitably the one thing you actually came to buy is the one thing you somehow missed on your 3 hour walk across the store leading you to trek back for literally miles, gah! Then there's negotiating a trolley loaded with shitty flat pack furniture and figuring out Tetris style how to actually transport said annoying furniture back to your depressing abode, where it will inevitably look nowhere as good as it did in the showroom.

Anyway, this cheered me up! A game where you see if you can decide whether a name is lovely Swedish furniture or a death metal band. I was pleased to score 19/20, I rock \m/

Friday, 11 October 2013

Cold Night For Alligators

Ladies and djentlemen another new band discovery today! More delightful delicious djent metal with a fabulous name. Cold Night For Alligators, there is probably a good story behind how they got that name. Even more awesome is that you can download their album for free, which is really quite lovely of them. Thank you guys!

Steve Wilson - again

So I was gutted about not affording to go to the Steve Wilson gig next week, but my wonderful brother in law has offered to buy me a ticket as a Christmas gift, EPIC WIN! Very excited as I've never seen him live before and I've got lots of new stuff to listen to. This is a new video for the song Drive Home from The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) album, has a similar feel to the other video from this album, wonder if it's made by the same team. All the songs are themed on supernatural tales and although there are only 6 songs, 3 of them are more than 10 minutes long. Never thought of myself as being much into progressive rock, but this stuff is so beautiful.

I would kill to be making music like this! *sigh* gotta get back to singing/playing and actually do something about it once uni is finished. Going to be doing some busking at Christmas for Acorns childrens hospice outside Debenhams in Birmingham City Centre. Will have to learn some cheesy xmas songs I suppose lol!

Album cover with title


Just started watching season 1 of the BBC's Sherlock, how did this pass me by until now, it's brilliant! I love the way it has a very realistic London feel to it. Reminds me of trips to London. I think as I really enjoyed other version of Sherlock Holmes that I assumed I wouldn't like this new modern day version, but I was totally won over! I love the old Young Sherlock film I could almost believe this was a follow on in a way. Found it a bit strange that there were only 3 episode in season 1 but they are very long episodes, going to catch up with this series in no time! On to season 2 tonight!

Sherlock - Series 1 and 2 Box Set [DVD]

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Keloid - short film

Check out this incredible short mecha film by Big Lazy Robot studios. This took 2 years to produce and was made instead of a full length film.
Here's hoping that someone with the cash gets them to follow this with a full length film of this quality!

Steve Wilson : The Raven that Refused to Sing

As I'm still pouting about missing his upcoming gig I'm consoling myself with his stuff on youtube. This is thinking girl music! This animated video to The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) is haunting and yet kinda beautiful.

Thor: The Dark World - tickets out now :D

Tickets are out today for the first showings of Thor:The Dark World. My local cineworld is doing a midnight showing and I was like woo hoo! Then my car decided to cost me £900 today :( So no tickets for me *sob* and now I'm going to be working extra weekend shifts too for the next forever :(

Also got invited to a Steve Wilson gig in Wolverhampton on the 17th, really sucks I am going to miss that too *double sob*

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Now You See Me film review

Watched this a few nights ago with no expectations as I'd never heard of Now You See Me . Absolutely loved it!
It does help that I am a fan of magic so loved all the tricks, although was slightly disappointed with the use of CGI effects for some. It's a film about a group of magicians calling themselves "The Four Horsemen"  robbing a bank and other shenanigans, what's not to love!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

I dream of steampunk

I'm finally graduating from university next April and there is going to be a ball! So exciting! I've also got the kitacon ball too! All this mean that i need to find something to wear. Now i'm not going to go for a standard boring dress of course, I'm thinking this is finally an excuse to get me a steampunk outfit! Oh yes!

The budget is going to be seriously tight, so a custom thing is out. Places like Blue Banana have nothing but poorly made, fits a 14 year old, silly stuff of course. I have however found that Corsets UK have started a steampunk line. I used to buy stock from them when i had a shop and the quality was not bad! Now as I'm really short I struggle  with overbust corsets as they don't sit right, which is a shame as these are lush!

This comes with the bolero part and the hip bag, love it!

This beauty is on the top end of the scale at £90, but they do have regular sales on stuff when they get low on sizes. This one would actually fit me too!

This one is currently on sale from £90 to £30 but alas they don't have my size!

They have some pretty incredible skirts too, in real people sizes as well!

Both these skirts are £54, going to definitely do some extra shifts if I want to afford this lol!

My pinterest board is full of inspiring steampunk ideas and I hope I can pull something beautiful together in time for the ball. Hopefully will be a fee sizes smaller by then too. Currently 16/18 aiming for 12/14 by next April, which is do-able.