Thursday, 3 January 2013

Best Dad/baby costume ever! Alien Power Loader

This is the best Dad and baby costume ever!

Aliens Power Loader Baby Costume - Halloween 2012

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Terminally Ill Star Trek Fan gets to see Into Darkness

This story gives me the warm fuzzies. The new Star Trek film isn't out until May and this poor guy is terminally ill with a rare cancer and is unlikely to make it until then. On Christmas day this post asked for help to get him a preview of the film. Redditors got to work and a few short days later and Into Darkness producer J.J. Adams had arranged for a private screening of the film. Winning! Reminds me of the film Fanboys, which totally made me cry at the end.

I'm not a massive trekkie but this film looks like it's going to be amazing! Can't wait!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Flu and Metal

So I'm suffering a bout of flu which means all the DIY tasks I'd planned for this week are pretty much cancelled, lovely way to spend my week off, bah!! On the plus side tho being stuck under a blanket on the sofa means watching lots of Christmas DVDs. Once I crawled out of bed at midday and was fully dosed up with painkillers we watched a few episode of Metal Evolution, it's has 11 episodes so it's going to take a while to watch them all. It goes through the history of metal right back to it's roots, way before my time, I've not really been one for classic rock so it was an eye opener for me. There is no extreme/black metal episode, which is an omission to be fair so there is a crowd sourced petition to get the money to make the "lost episode" good idea if that's your thing.

 Now I'm watching my Opeth Live at the Albert Hall DVD which is making feel pretty gutted I didn't get to see that gig in person. Back in my BBC Choir of Wales days I got to sing there and it's such an awesome venue, perfect for a band like Opeth. My brother in law went to the gig and he knew I was disappointed to have missed it so he got me the DVD for Christmas which is a pretty good second best. Here's my favourite song The Drapery Falls. Kinda cool seeing this after watching the old school metal earlier, how far things have come in such a short time is pretty amazing.

The End of the DVD?

As a household very much into films we have a big DVD collection and by big, I'm talking around about 1600. I had to convince hubby to let me ditch the boxes and just store them in media cases as the collection was taking over half the house! Currently the collection lives in two giant disk crates that are really heavy, ugly and  annoying. It takes forever to find anything and we've had to set up a database just so we could find a disk without an hour of searching. Half the time it's quicker to download a film than it is to find the original in the crate. DVD's are always getting scratched or damaged by the kids which is really annoying too. Books have gone digital, photos all digital, music digital and I really think it's time for DVD's to go digital too or at for us at least to have the option. The war between Blue Ray and HD DVD is still going on but I think ultimately a format that was excellent quality and digitally based will win out over both. There are systems to store digital media but I've not seen anything that could cope with the silly amount of films that we have, and those I have seen are really large and ugly. I wonder if compressing the files would get around this problem, but would that lose quality? Also it would take vast amount of time to rip all 1600 DVD's so maybe that's really a problem that can't be got around.

The technology does exist but needs to come down in price just a tad. This bad boy has 38.5tb of storage but is an eye watering £3,741.57..ouch. Maybe not the end of my DVD collection just yet then. If anyone has any ingenious solutions for storing DVD's I'd love to hear them! 

Taken 2 - Film review

Vaguely entertaining but really quite average. You know the drill, a little bit of plot which is an excuse for fight choreography and flashbacks to the clever ways that Liam is going to escape and kick the bad guys butts.  But the one thing that kinda shocked me is that it's a 12, it's really quite harsh for that rating. People getting tortured and hung upside down to bleed to death strikes me as a bit unsuitable for 12 years old but hey. The kidnappers are unfeasibly patient and are a. happy to leave their captors alone to give them time to work out an escape plan and b. are the worst shots ever, even when equipped with automatic machine guns. Meh.