Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Flu and Metal

So I'm suffering a bout of flu which means all the DIY tasks I'd planned for this week are pretty much cancelled, lovely way to spend my week off, bah!! On the plus side tho being stuck under a blanket on the sofa means watching lots of Christmas DVDs. Once I crawled out of bed at midday and was fully dosed up with painkillers we watched a few episode of Metal Evolution, it's has 11 episodes so it's going to take a while to watch them all. It goes through the history of metal right back to it's roots, way before my time, I've not really been one for classic rock so it was an eye opener for me. There is no extreme/black metal episode, which is an omission to be fair so there is a crowd sourced petition to get the money to make the "lost episode" good idea if that's your thing. http://www.indiegogo.com/ExtremeMetal

 Now I'm watching my Opeth Live at the Albert Hall DVD which is making feel pretty gutted I didn't get to see that gig in person. Back in my BBC Choir of Wales days I got to sing there and it's such an awesome venue, perfect for a band like Opeth. My brother in law went to the gig and he knew I was disappointed to have missed it so he got me the DVD for Christmas which is a pretty good second best. Here's my favourite song The Drapery Falls. Kinda cool seeing this after watching the old school metal earlier, how far things have come in such a short time is pretty amazing.