Sunday, 25 August 2013

Planning for Kitacon 2014 - Budget Cosplay!

So I'm planning my next skit for the Kitacon 2014. I have got a bit of inspiration and I have a song in mind (it's a secret until the day!) but my theme is going to be "bad guys"....this is going to be fun!! I'm trying to think of an appropriate character to be the protagonist in the song. In an ideal world I would be a kick ass warrior female in battle armour. But as I'm a poverty stricken student the armour thing is out of my reach for Kita 2014. However, I finish next April so hoping to be able to make something EPIC the year after when I am in proper paid employment (with a bit of luck!) So this year I will have to compromise and think of a character who is pretty bad ass but in a costume that may be affordable to create. Here are my ideas so far!

San from Princess Monoke - I like the idea of this one as everyone will get who the character is, her story this fits the lyrics really well too .

Lucy from Elven Lied

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland - not sure I could pull off this skintight suit lol!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Team Giblets Ayacon 2013 Skit Video

This was the brilliant skit video from the marvelous Team Giblits, hilarious!!

Ayacon 2013 Sunday Night Live - Hellsing/Slow Love Slow

Well we are home from the last ever Amecon (boo!) and I though I'd post my performance at Sunday Night Live! They messed up the running order leading to a mad panic with me fleeing at top speed from the green room when I heard them doing my intro. After much waving of arms at the tech guys they started the AMV and somehow they didn't actually put it on the big screen, which is a real shame as the intro was brilliant! They sorted it, but you hear everyone sorta laugh when they switch the video on. Honestly I was like OMG they are not supposed to be laughing right now....what is going on? Terrifying!!! I had great feedback from people after which was really lovely, I felt all famous for 5 minutes :D

Here are some piccies from the weekend, we had such an awesome time!! On Sunday I was Cosplaying Integra Hellsing from one of my fav animes, Hellsing. 

I found an Alucard too :D

Vampire hunters together!

Journey cosplay, loved this game!!

This was the stage at the rehearsal, sooo scary!

This armour was just amazing!


Pink hair for Saturday!


Friday, 2 August 2013

My new transport!

 So after much deliberation and admiration of the Copenhagen Cycle chic blog, I decided to bite the bullet and become a bike commuter. I really really wanted a Bobbin Bike, they are just so pretty! But alas I decided it would probably be better to compromise and get a hybrid bike meant for commuters, I opted for a Claude Butler Legend, 21 gears and came with full mudguards and a luggage rack. Although it's not a "pretty" bike it is still quite a sit up and beg style and it's got racing bike size wheels. which compared to my old bike feels really high off the ground! I've got to commit to at least 6 months full time bike commuting to pay back the cost of the bike (saving on bus costs) and then I should be saving money! Also hoping it will help shed a few layers of chub on the way  lol!

Also picked up this brilliant Bolzan pannier bag from Cycle Chic, to carry all my uni/work stuff. This has made all the difference, it just clips on to the rack and is roomy enough to carry all the vast amounts of crap I seem to need to drag around with me. Was a bit on the pricey side but it really does make a massive difference compared to getting all sweaty wearing a rucksack. This pic is taken at the train station, I was surprised that it was actually pretty cool taking a bike on the train into Birmingham city centre and not as stressful as I though it was going to be. 

I'm thinking I will try and "pretty" it up a bit dutch bike style. Maybe get a basket and some cute accessories. Best start saving some actual costs of travelling first tho!