Thursday, 22 August 2013

Ayacon 2013 Sunday Night Live - Hellsing/Slow Love Slow

Well we are home from the last ever Amecon (boo!) and I though I'd post my performance at Sunday Night Live! They messed up the running order leading to a mad panic with me fleeing at top speed from the green room when I heard them doing my intro. After much waving of arms at the tech guys they started the AMV and somehow they didn't actually put it on the big screen, which is a real shame as the intro was brilliant! They sorted it, but you hear everyone sorta laugh when they switch the video on. Honestly I was like OMG they are not supposed to be laughing right now....what is going on? Terrifying!!! I had great feedback from people after which was really lovely, I felt all famous for 5 minutes :D

Here are some piccies from the weekend, we had such an awesome time!! On Sunday I was Cosplaying Integra Hellsing from one of my fav animes, Hellsing. 

I found an Alucard too :D

Vampire hunters together!

Journey cosplay, loved this game!!

This was the stage at the rehearsal, sooo scary!

This armour was just amazing!


Pink hair for Saturday!