Sunday, 25 August 2013

Planning for Kitacon 2014 - Budget Cosplay!

So I'm planning my next skit for the Kitacon 2014. I have got a bit of inspiration and I have a song in mind (it's a secret until the day!) but my theme is going to be "bad guys"....this is going to be fun!! I'm trying to think of an appropriate character to be the protagonist in the song. In an ideal world I would be a kick ass warrior female in battle armour. But as I'm a poverty stricken student the armour thing is out of my reach for Kita 2014. However, I finish next April so hoping to be able to make something EPIC the year after when I am in proper paid employment (with a bit of luck!) So this year I will have to compromise and think of a character who is pretty bad ass but in a costume that may be affordable to create. Here are my ideas so far!

San from Princess Monoke - I like the idea of this one as everyone will get who the character is, her story this fits the lyrics really well too .

Lucy from Elven Lied

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland - not sure I could pull off this skintight suit lol!