Monday, 30 September 2013

Petite fashion roundup!

I know I always bitch about this, but trying to find things to wear when you are 5'1 is no fun, no fun at all.
There is shit all selection and what there is...looks like this. Apparently "fashion forward" is not my thing.

Are you kidding me?? People wear this?


Really....really?? I've  thrown away curtains that look better than this!


Oh boy. Shoulder pads...goody.

Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Butterfly Print Peplum Hem Blouse

At least it's Colourful?

I don't even......

Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Pom Pom Sweatshirt

Ok these are actually pretty boss! You could go around scaring kids with your crotch!


I love the way that even the model is looking at her shoulder like "wtf is that".

Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Top with 3D floral sleeves

The worst of it is that I know my ever so stylish best friend could probably rock all these and make them look amazing lol!

Petite clothing seems to come in two styles, designed for the over 60's and fashion designed to make you appear as some kind of lampshade. *sigh*

Saturday, 21 September 2013

No Butter Cupcakes

You promise a 2 year old you are going to make cakes and then you realise you have no butter/margarine or even oil in the house to make said cake. You also cannot be bothered to go all the way to the shops.  Fear not! I discovered this sponge cake recipe with no butter woo hoo! Actually turned out pretty tasty too!

It's in american cups, which I have no clue about so I used a tea mug, seemed to work ok!

  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 3/4 cup sugar

1. Preheat over to 180C. Heat milk in pan until almost bubbling.

2. Mix all three eggs with an electric whisk at high speed, gradually adding sugar, for 5 mins

3. Mix on low speed and add flour and warm milk gradually. It will be quite runny this is ok.

4. Pour into cupcake cases ( I used square silicone ones) bake for 15 mins ish. 

Eat triumphantly!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Destiny Potato

Possessing possibly one of the best band names of all time, Destiny Potato are a djent metal band with a female vocalist, I don't think they actually have an album out yet so could only find a few youtube tracks. I missed these guys playing live at Tech Fest in the summer and have only got around to checking them out and ohhhhhhh boy they are awesomely good. Like djenty sex for the ears good! *drooools*

Friday, 13 September 2013

Thor: The Dark World

So, along with quite a lot of ladies it seems, I'm a Loki fan. So naturally I am extremely overexcited by the upcoming Thor: The Dark World film, which looks like it could be epic! I'm a little sceptical though as this usually means I am going to be disappointed! However, it is directed by Alan Taylor, (who directed some of Game of Thrones) so I do have high hopes that this will do a Hellboy 2 and be even better than the first film! I've also just spotted that he is booked to direct Terminator 5, which is going to bring back Arnie, interesting!

Here's the trailer *joy*

Here's a little featurette, but seriously whoever did Toms make up for this interview should be shot, he looks like he's been tangoed lol!!

The Dark World looks like it has a darker, more subtle palette of colours, which I am loving so far. Also, men with books, *swoon*

As an aside, a quick google search with or browse on DeviantArt for "Loki" brings me swiftly to the conclusion that some people should not allowed anywhere near photoshop, or art materials, ever! Oh the horror!

Monday, 9 September 2013

The Boys

Watched  The World's End last night, which was good fun! I think I'm definitely in the age bracket to appreciate the humour in this about getting older, which is actually kinda sad lol!

Watching Simon Pegg reminded me about one of my favourite comics of all time,The Boys, as he actually stars in the comic. It's a 12 part anti-superhero graphic novel that answers the question of "who watches the watchmen?" with The Boys (one of whom is actually a girl).


It features brutal violence, sexual violence and all kinds of nastiness, but the plot is just superb! I love it! Without spoiling things it also has the best twist in the plot!

I would really like to see this made into a series. I heard on the grapevine that someone was considering making a movie of this that would be a 12A, really hoping this does NOT happen as they would have to remove most of what makes so brilliant to get it into this rating. A 12 part series would let it follow the full story to be told. By the sounds of it, they are going to make a movie  see here  that's been in development for a while. Fingers crossed they don't bollocks it up!


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Why do good girls love bad guys?

My recent Loki obsession has caused me to pause and question my morals! Why is it that girls love a good bad guy?

I can remember watching the film Legend when I was a kid and totally wishing she would end up with the big demon guy, who didn't seem that bad. She certainly looked better in the bad girl goth outfit!

The Goblin king from the Labyrinth

Jareth i think personifies what I
im talking about. He is that perfect misunderstood bad guy, he just wants her to love him but goes about it all the wrong way. I always wanted It to end with her becoming the goblin queen I instead of returning to her normal life. Of course I do get that it's her fantasy, which is perhaps my point, that the bad guy falling for the good girl is a classic.

Red is of course not a bad guy at all but is the good guy with an edge.

Hellsing, another one of my very slight obsessions. I really do rather love Alucard.

Of course the wonderful Loki