Monday, 9 September 2013

The Boys

Watched  The World's End last night, which was good fun! I think I'm definitely in the age bracket to appreciate the humour in this about getting older, which is actually kinda sad lol!

Watching Simon Pegg reminded me about one of my favourite comics of all time,The Boys, as he actually stars in the comic. It's a 12 part anti-superhero graphic novel that answers the question of "who watches the watchmen?" with The Boys (one of whom is actually a girl).


It features brutal violence, sexual violence and all kinds of nastiness, but the plot is just superb! I love it! Without spoiling things it also has the best twist in the plot!

I would really like to see this made into a series. I heard on the grapevine that someone was considering making a movie of this that would be a 12A, really hoping this does NOT happen as they would have to remove most of what makes so brilliant to get it into this rating. A 12 part series would let it follow the full story to be told. By the sounds of it, they are going to make a movie  see here  that's been in development for a while. Fingers crossed they don't bollocks it up!