Friday, 13 September 2013

Thor: The Dark World

So, along with quite a lot of ladies it seems, I'm a Loki fan. So naturally I am extremely overexcited by the upcoming Thor: The Dark World film, which looks like it could be epic! I'm a little sceptical though as this usually means I am going to be disappointed! However, it is directed by Alan Taylor, (who directed some of Game of Thrones) so I do have high hopes that this will do a Hellboy 2 and be even better than the first film! I've also just spotted that he is booked to direct Terminator 5, which is going to bring back Arnie, interesting!

Here's the trailer *joy*

Here's a little featurette, but seriously whoever did Toms make up for this interview should be shot, he looks like he's been tangoed lol!!

The Dark World looks like it has a darker, more subtle palette of colours, which I am loving so far. Also, men with books, *swoon*

As an aside, a quick google search with or browse on DeviantArt for "Loki" brings me swiftly to the conclusion that some people should not allowed anywhere near photoshop, or art materials, ever! Oh the horror!