Sunday, 8 September 2013

Why do good girls love bad guys?

My recent Loki obsession has caused me to pause and question my morals! Why is it that girls love a good bad guy?

I can remember watching the film Legend when I was a kid and totally wishing she would end up with the big demon guy, who didn't seem that bad. She certainly looked better in the bad girl goth outfit!

The Goblin king from the Labyrinth

Jareth i think personifies what I
im talking about. He is that perfect misunderstood bad guy, he just wants her to love him but goes about it all the wrong way. I always wanted It to end with her becoming the goblin queen I instead of returning to her normal life. Of course I do get that it's her fantasy, which is perhaps my point, that the bad guy falling for the good girl is a classic.

Red is of course not a bad guy at all but is the good guy with an edge.

Hellsing, another one of my very slight obsessions. I really do rather love Alucard.

Of course the wonderful Loki