Monday, 28 October 2013

Dreadlock tutorial

I used to have the most beautiful waist length dreadlocks but as I decided enough poverty was enough they had to go so I could start a new career (yes it sucks but people are prejudiced towards them) Lately I've been really missing them, especially as I still do other people's beautiful dreads, so jealous! Can't have full time ones so have been working on a way to have dread extensions that are easily removable.

So first thing first it to get your hair, I'd recommend a 3/4 wig, this must be a perfect match for your hair colour, I got mine from ebay for about £15, a proper bargain as it was the perfect colour! This one is made from Kankelon fibre which is really realistic. Human hair would be even better!  If I crack this one I'm going to invest in one next time. The 3/4 style leaves your fringe out which you blend back over the join. (there are loads of youtube tutorials on how to put them in).

Then you start to dreadlock, they key here is to properly dreadlock it, the same as you would real hair. Take a neat one inch section and back comb it evenly.

Ok, this is the tricky bit, get a 1mm crochet hook and work on pulling all the loose bit inside the dreadlock. I use a modified basic crochet stitch, mixed with just sticking it through and pulling any loose hairs back inside.  I can do this super fast as I've been doing this for so long but it still takes about 15 mins per dreadlock, this is a time consuming process! A full head of dreadlocks takes at least 8 hours. 

After a bit you get a nice tidy dreadlock that is tightly dreadlocked and will not go anywhere. You can also give them a bit of a roll between your hands to smooth them out. 

I deliberately left some short bits of the wig out, because real dreads won't keep short bit in the dreads and they pop out and look messy, annoying but it looks very realistic. 

Here's the finished result! They look just the same as my real dreads did! I've not finished the ends yet as I'm not sure whether to have them loose like this or whether to have stubby ends. Gonna wear them a while and then decide. I'm also going to be modifying the inside with some extra clips to ensure these don't go flying off if I wear these onstage (I'm joining a band yippee!)