Saturday, 5 October 2013

I dream of steampunk

I'm finally graduating from university next April and there is going to be a ball! So exciting! I've also got the kitacon ball too! All this mean that i need to find something to wear. Now i'm not going to go for a standard boring dress of course, I'm thinking this is finally an excuse to get me a steampunk outfit! Oh yes!

The budget is going to be seriously tight, so a custom thing is out. Places like Blue Banana have nothing but poorly made, fits a 14 year old, silly stuff of course. I have however found that Corsets UK have started a steampunk line. I used to buy stock from them when i had a shop and the quality was not bad! Now as I'm really short I struggle  with overbust corsets as they don't sit right, which is a shame as these are lush!

This comes with the bolero part and the hip bag, love it!

This beauty is on the top end of the scale at £90, but they do have regular sales on stuff when they get low on sizes. This one would actually fit me too!

This one is currently on sale from £90 to £30 but alas they don't have my size!

They have some pretty incredible skirts too, in real people sizes as well!

Both these skirts are £54, going to definitely do some extra shifts if I want to afford this lol!

My pinterest board is full of inspiring steampunk ideas and I hope I can pull something beautiful together in time for the ball. Hopefully will be a fee sizes smaller by then too. Currently 16/18 aiming for 12/14 by next April, which is do-able.