Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ikea or Death

After our recent dramatic wardrobe collapse, I needed to procure a new place to store clothing. This meant, god forbid, a trip to the dreaded Ikea to fetch a cheap wardrobe. On the plus side we did get to gorge ourselves on Swedish meatballs but on the down side we actually had to shop. I hate shopping at the best of times and Ikea is the king of pissing me off. Inevitably the one thing you actually came to buy is the one thing you somehow missed on your 3 hour walk across the store leading you to trek back for literally miles, gah! Then there's negotiating a trolley loaded with shitty flat pack furniture and figuring out Tetris style how to actually transport said annoying furniture back to your depressing abode, where it will inevitably look nowhere as good as it did in the showroom.

Anyway, this cheered me up! A game where you see if you can decide whether a name is lovely Swedish furniture or a death metal band. I was pleased to score 19/20, I rock \m/