Monday, 14 October 2013


Michael Bay managed to totally ruin Transformers in the most impressive way possible. Killing them along with my dreams that it would be made into an epic film. How dare he make Optimus Prime say "my bad" I mean what disrespect! It's goddam Optimus! He's not some goofus! I also cannot forgive what he did to Bumblebee, it just was not right I tell you. Never mind that he took an incredible plot about robots from another world and the ultimate battle between good and evil and somehow turned it into a film about a dorky American boy and his unfeasably attractive girlfriend *sigh*.

I'm such a fan of the original film, which remains after all this time, absolutely brilliant! Ba Weep Gra Na Weep Ninnibon people! There is a Transformers Remastered Blu Ray version out, which I'd love to see but it's more than £30 *cough cough*

The music is still kick ass, you know thinking about it, this was probably the first time I ever heard metal,back in 1986 when I was about  8 years old.  I owe this film a lot lol! The voice acting is still superb too! I'm still totally in love with Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime (and no not just because of the cheeky name lol) :D

Here's the full version of the film on youtube for you! But you can get the DVD for £4 ish including postage on Amazon - Transformers The Movie .

If Mr Bay had done things properly we could have been looking at scenes like this. Woah. Damn you Bay!