Sunday, 9 February 2014


Got given this great triology of books for Christmas from a friend. It's about a post apocalyptic society that has been split into factions based on differing philosophies about what caused a great war in the past. When children come of age they are tested and then must choose a faction that they belong in. 

The "divergent" bit comes from someone who is suited to more than one faction, which is considered a very bad and dangerous thing, which of course our heroine, Tris, turns out to be. I can see why people have compared this to The Hunger Games as it is a similar post war universe. But it's a good story with strong characters and a female lead who is actually pretty badass. 

Also I hear this has been made into a film due out this March! It actually looks pretty accurate to the books too, the casting looks pretty damn perfect. So I am now overly excited about this *squeeeeee*