Thursday, 20 February 2014

Princess Mononoke Cosplay- San's Necklace

5 weeks until Kitacon! Can't wait! However I am slacking with the cosplay at the moment and have only just started today actually making a start with the costume for Kita's Got Talent show. I've had the wolf teeth to make this for at least 2 years as I thought I might do this cosplay one day and they were perfect! It was a cheap necklace from china with horrible gold beads but the teeth were perfect! I've also picked up on ebay some plain leather cord and some black disk wooden beads to act as spacers. Alas the hole in the disks was not dig enough to thread onto the cord so I had to use a bradawl on every single one. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out! This isn't actually a necklace but connects the fur cloak of the costume so this is what I'm hoping to do. So the next step is going to be working out how to connect it. To be authentic there are actually only 4 teeth on the costume and I have 6 so I might put more spacers in between, going to wait until I have the cloak sorted and see how it looks.

Then I decided to make it have a few less teeth as you can see there are only 4 teeth visible in this still from the film.

The teeth were a bit on the shiny side so I used a wire brush to make them a bit more matt.