Thursday, 27 March 2014

A budget steampunk hat with light up goggles!

More bits towards my ball costume. I've had this hat for many years now, it's just a basic fancy dress one I got for a few pounds ( Same as this Top Hat £3 including delivery)

I had a pair of silver goggles from a halloween costume, these ones £6 from ebay. You can actually get these in a brass colour already but mine were silver. I gave them a coat of black acrylic

Next I did a very light coat of bronze colour with a very dry brush. I also switched the lenses to black (they came with a selection). They came out pretty good!

My friend Lisa gave me these beautiful peackcock feathers, I glued these onto the side using a glue gun.

Next I covered where they were stuck on with a few metal clock charms. These ones are from Tim Holtz (papercraft brand you can find in Hobbycraft ect) I used a brad to attach the clock hands - they move! The brad just pokes through the hat as it's fairly thin. Easy! I also had a scrap bit of organza that I tied into a bow, sewed it in place ten use the glue gun to attach to the hat.

To make this hat super awesome, I got some of these little LED lights (£1.99 from Aldi or any bike shop) I pinched these from my bike lol! They fit just perfectly inside the goggles and they set to either flashing or static. Although the light is white they glow green through the black lenses! I am so looking forward to wearing this :D