Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Super Cheap Steampunk Jacket!

Nearly have a costume together for the Kitacon Ball on Sunday - really hope I get to wear this as childcare issues are getting in the way! Fingers crossed I will work something out by Sunday.
I really wanted to get a jacket to finish off the outfit and my lovely friend Becky suggested I chop up a charity shop jacket. So I found this brown linen jacket for £6.99 in my local charity shop (I spent ages deciding as it was expensive for a charity shop one!)

Looking in the mirror I stuck cellotape where I wanted the jacket to be cut then just chopped away with scissors along the line.

Then I got some lace that has been hanging around since about 2005! Glad to finally use it lol!! I sewed it around the cut edges then pressed it so it lay nice and flat. 

To finish it off I added these little clocks which I picked up from the papercraft section in Hobbycraft. These just poked through the fabric and clipped into place. 

I was messing around with the bottom of the jacket and figured I could make it into a pocket belt. I turned and sewed the raw edge then used one of the buttons to fasten on the inside and a hook and loop on the other side to secure! Added a bit more lace and another clock and done! Very happy with this mornings work :)

Will post a few pics of the finished outfit when we are back from Kita!