Monday, 31 March 2014

Kitacon 2014

I had a great time at Kitacon, this weekend but I really have to admit that the organisation was facepalmingly bad! 
AMV set - We turn up hoping to watch the competition entries, my hubby entered one so we brought a bunch of friend along to watch too. First we have to sit through an auction for things we can't afford....this goes on for like an hour. Then finally we are looking forward to getting on with the set! Alas by now the party is just starting in the main room, but we figure this won't take too long. So they just switch on VLC player ....and announcement, no rounds of applause for each entry, nothing. Maybe we've all been spoiled at previous cons, but this is what I was expecting. So we sit and watch....two hours later we've not seen hubby's AMV or any others that look like they might be competition entries but zillions from other WTF. So we finally leave to go party ...really disappointed, having missed two hours of the party and not actually seen what we were hoping to see. *sigh*

So we line up for the masquerade on Saturday, this is always a highlight for me so I was really looking forward to it. With this in mind we get to the queue a bit early to get good seats. After waiting an hour we finally go in and get seated.....then wait another hour until it starts. For some reason we ended up behind rows and rows of empty seats! By the time it actually started about a third of the audience had given up and left!
This awesome costume really deserved to have more people appreciating it, so many empty seats! Would have been nice to have been able to get a bit closer too!

On Sunday I'm in the Kita's Got Talent show. I'm really nervous as my backing video went wrong last convention. Rehearsal starts at 2.30pm so I'm there on the dot. Hour and a half later no one has spoken to use about what is going on and we've not actually had any rehearsal at all!!! Finally an hour and a half after it was supposed to start the closing ceremony kicks off with a packed room. 2 hours later after a painfully painfully slow charity auction, everyone is grumpy, thirsty and tired, so 95% of the audience heads to the bar!
They start the show and other than being put in a line, I've had no chance to discuss technical issues or what I need for my performance so I'm getting a bit stressed. There is also no backstage area to change and I've not been able to get a drink or get to the loo since 2.30 and now it's 6.30. I hop off and change in the bloody car park. Try and buy some water - cash machine is out of order and there is a £5 minimum at the shop...fine. I buy lots of £2 a bottle water.
Once it's my turn to go onstage I am getting yelled at to go on...despite the fact that there is 30 seconds of video before I go on. If I'd had a chance to discuss this with someone I wouldn't have had to argue with someone trying to shove me on the stage before my cue...not fun!! Luckily it all went well and I got a nice round of applause from the very patient and dedicated 5% of the audience that are left.
I go watch the show from the audience and there are so many really great acts! Kita really does have talent!! As you can see from the picture below it's really empty. So sad as everyone puts months and months of hard work into preparing for these events and to perform to an empty room is just shit. They were even packing the room down with the acts still on stage which just seemed really rude. *sigh*
This was down to scheduling problems, people need to eat and drink Kita folks! People also need to get ready for big events like the ball, I really don't blame the audience for leaving.
As it was I won an honorable mention announced to all 10 people that were left in the room, the guests did a great job of keeping it together though and giving me a nice hug on stage despite everything being taken down around them.

Kitacon is back next year and it's 5 mins from home but I'm really not sure whether it's worth participating, unless they really are going to change the schedule. I feel really bad for some of my friends who were attending a con for the first time, I just kept telling them it's not normally this bad!! We still had an awesome time with awesome people but I really hope they make changes! Really feeling the loss of Ayacon now :(
I'd love to volunteer to look after everyone doing the live performances as there just didn't seem to be anyone to ask about what was going on, must have been so daunting for the newbies! Will see if I can find someone to discuss it with before the next con.

To be fair though the panels we went to were brilliant, the parties were great and the cosplayers were epic! I really enjoyed the FATE series, the Hentai panel was hilarious and we kicked ass in the build-a-mecha contest.