Saturday, 22 March 2014

Princess Mononoke Cosplay - San's Mask and Spear

In an ideal world I would have liked to have made this with Worbla, a thermoplastic that has a lovely smooth finish, but alas my budget allows for newspaper and PVA so there we go lol! I'd not actually made anything with papier mache since I was a kid but figured it couldn't be that bad. First I covered a big bowl with cling film and did layers with newspaper and a water/pva glue mix. Must have done about 20 layers, putting on a few layers and leaving it to dry overnight. I left it to dry between layers on top of the fridge without the bowl underneath and it got a bit distorted! Eek! But luckily when I put more layers on it kinda rounded itself out again.

I cut out the holes with a pair of scissors, I didn't cut the eyes out the same size so wished I'd done it properly with a template rather than just doing it by eye, ooops! Then I made a paper clay using kitchen roll PVA and flour which I stuck in a blender. I put too much liquid in though which made it take an absolute age to dry.

The trouble was that it was really quite a bumpy finish so I used a bit of polyfiller I had lying around to smooth it out a bit 

Next the painting

This is much to bright and cheery, so I did some layers to distress the finish a little bit. Using some brown paint mixed with the original colours and stippling it on.

I also used the sides of a coke bottle for the ears, which got a layer of two of papier mache and the same paint treatment as the mask. 

Now just to figure out how on earth I am going to attach this to the pelt and make it wearable!

For the spear I took the handle off an old rake we had in the garden and painted it black. Then I cut out 2 identical spear shapes from the side of a cardboard box (thank you Amazon!) sellotaped them over the top of the handle, covered in papier mache and then painted. I used silver and then a little bit of black and raw umber to make the sort of rusty effect. Then I used the leftover leather lace from the necklace I've also made to wrap around the handle. Just need to add some more red details to this and it's finished!