Friday, 4 April 2014

Onwards to the next convention!!

So for five minutes there I was all "I'm not going to the next Kitacon" as there was too much bad organisation, the food/drink/parking is too expensive ect ect grumble grumble grumble. Then I had an EPIC idea for next years cosplay and realised that I just can't not go to this convention which is right on my doorstep :D Also it's more than a year away so there is plenty of time to save up some money. Also I will go much more prepared next time. Will pack more food and drink to take with and will also make sure to bring a sheet or something so I'm not stripping off in the car park in full view of the world lol!

I'm going to try and drag even more of my friends along next time as that's what really makes a con fun! I'm going to try and persuade my extremely talented friends to actually do the live performance event with me for a change, just need an brilliant idea that will use everyone's talents and be amazing! Roll on 2015!