Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Flight Of Dragons 1982 Animated Film

Been revisiting one of my favourite animated films from when I was a kid as I'm thinking of doing a cosplay from this for Kitacon 2015, gotta think ahead lol! Looking back on it now the animation has really aged badly but the voice acting is still a cut above. This really deserves a remastering!

 Magic is dying in the world and the green wizard Carolinus calls his 3 brothers for help as he has a plan to create a safe place for magic to exist.

Unfortunately his brother the red wizard Ommadon decides it would be a much better plan to just take over the world with greed and destroy it to preserve magic. The only way to defeat Ommadon is to take his red crown, the source of all his powers so a quest is started to this end. Carolinus finds the scientist Peter to help the quest but he gets turned into a dragon by Ommadon. Peter has to be taught to be a dragon by Smrgol an old and grumpy dragon, I really loved Smrgol's magic explanations vrs Peter's science explanations in this bit.

They meet some friends and enemies along the way and lots of dragons of course.
( Pictured - Sir Oren Neville Smythe, Danielle of The Woods, Giles of the Treetops, Aragh the wolf and Sandmirks)

 The final battle is lost by our heroes but then Ommadon is destroyed by the fact that Peter can beat magic with logic and science. Alas for him this also means that he is lost to magic forever and is banished back to the real world.

Here is the final battle scene, which in my opinion is one of the best bad guy monologues in any film ever! James Earl Jones (see also Darth Vadar) is such an awesome bad guy :D

"I am the world, and the world is Ommadon."